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A Business Coach In Your Back Pocket.

Having guidance, support, accountability, and education is imperative for every entrepreneur. The EAUniverse is like having a business coach in your back pocket: supporting you to build a business that works for you, supports your bigger vision, and is in line with your values.

Joining will feel like you’re getting both that tough-love and compassionate support from a digital mentor who has your best interest in mind. You’ll learn, grow, be challenged, develop skills, connect with others, and become your own best support system to build the business of your dreams.


Unlock The Power of Your Archetype

Growing your business isn’t easy, and there are an infinite (and overwhelming) amount ways to reach your goals. We’ve curated the most impactful, needle-moving, tailored-to-you resources to get there, based on your unique Archetype Breakdown.

With a single membership, you get access to the entire EAUniverse Library so you can Fast-Track Your Growth.

alignment checks and prompts

Stay In Personal and Business Alignment.

When you learn to coach yourself, you learn to trust yourself. At Entrepreneurial Archetype™, we believe in showing you how to fish, so you can eat for a lifetime.

With our Alignment Checks and Prompts inside of the EAUniverse, you’ll get reminders to ask yourself introspective questions along your journey so you stay on track, maintain connection to your bigger vision, and build the authentically successful business that serves you for life.


Connect With Like-Minded and Individuals.

Through the power of community, you get to amplify your entrepreneurial growth by collaborating and connecting with a diverse group of entrepreneurs with shared values.


You’ll be surrounded be entrepreneurs who are ahead of you, can share


learn from the best, never be alone, share the experience, human connection, diverse perspectives.


The EAUniverse Community is a place where you have full permission to be yourself, showcase your projects and passions, ask questions, celebrate each other, and learn how through shared knowledge and experience.

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